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All-in-one consultancy services

Project Detail:

All-in-one consultancy services
(International coffee chain)

Scope of Work
- Project Management
    • Liaise with Client on licensing and tendering programme
    • Prepare interior decoration tender package
    • Invite tender and prepare tender report & recommendations
    • Obtain quotations from Client short-listed contractors/nominated contractors
    • Liaise with Landlord/BMO for E&M requirements/ site takeover
    • Liaise with Landlord/BMO for design submission and approval
    • Advice on variation and final account

- E&M Design
    • Conduct site inspection on existing E&M provisions and new E&M installations
    • Liaise with Client on E&M requirements
    • Liaise with utility companies for power and water supply upgrade
    • Prepare E&M design drawings and tender documents

- Site Supervision
    • Initiate kick-off meeting and setting out
    • Chair weekly site meeting
    • Monitor site progress and workmanship
    • Coordinate parties to resolve site issues
    • Witness site tests
    • Undertake handover process of the shop to Client
    • Follow up defects rectification

- Licensing
    • Review Client provided shop layout plan
    • Comment on the design from client in connection with the requirements of the Licensing Authority
    • Prepare documents & layout plans for the application of provisional and full license
    • Prepare and submit Certification and report by our AP & RSE
    • Attend Government Inspection (FEHD, BD & FSD)

Job Reference
•  Alexandra House
•  Gala Place
•  Ocean Centre
•  HKIA (Airport)
•  Empire
•  Lee Garden
•  IFC
•  APM
•  Cityplaza
•  Happy valley
•  Exchange square
•  Homesquare
•  Popcorn
•  PYNE Hospital
•  Sunshine City
•  Tsuen Wan Plaza

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