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AP Services for 500 Hennessey Road

Project Detail:


500 Hennessey Road, Causeway Bay

Project Scope:

Authorized Person Services

Project Size:

1560 sq.m. approximately

500 Hennessey Road is a commercial complex building located in Causeway Bay. The project involves re-partitioning works in the shopping arcade, upgrading the toilet layout (including barrier free access) for the commercial complex and enhancing the internal circulation in the offices on 20/F to 25/F.

The AP consultancy services include:

1.    Preparation of leasing plan for the lettable area in the commercial complex;

2.    Carrying out feasibility study for the intended alteration and addition works, including re-layout works in the shopping arcade and the addition of an internal staircase in the office area; and

3.    Statutory submission for obtaining approval and consent to carry out the alteration and addition works.

The renovated area provides a better circulation inside the shopping arcade and also enhances the sanitary fitting facilities, which create an enjoyable environment for the visitors.

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