Provision of Barrier Free Access and Facilities at Hospitals and Other Premises Managed by Hospital Authority

Government Projects

We partnered with a main contractor to provide comprehensive design and build services to upgrade all premises managed by Hospital Authority so as to comply with the mandatory requirement under the Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008. Under this project, we conducted thorough site inspections to identify all non-compliance items in the premises, propose necessary upgrading works and finalize the work scope, materials, layout, phasing of work, etc. with end-users. We also prepared statutory submission to the Buildings Department and carried out statutory supervisions if necessary.



All hospitals (total 42 nos), general outpatient clinics (total 69 nos), specialist out-patient clinics (total 6 nos) and other premises (total 13 nos) managed by Hospital Authority


Project Scope

  • Act as external Design Consultant to carry out compliance checking, feasibility study and preparation of design proposals for each premises
  • Perform the role of Authorized Person and Registered Structural Engineer for works requiring submission to the Buildings Department


Completion Year

4th Quarter, 2016